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OAR 2017

OAR (Offender Aid and Restoration) the leading provider of offender services in northern Virginia. OAR is dedicated to strengthening community through second chances.

This Is How Time Passes

Artist Donna Tauscher muses on how she sees the passing of time.

Uncertain Horizon

Donna Tauscher created this multimedia collection of visual art when she went back to live in Maxwell, California, a small rural town in the Sacramento Valley where she grew up. She went there to take care of her father who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease in a local nursing home. Uncertain Horizon was exhibited at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in 2006. Donna asked if I would document the exhibit for her. I also took my camera out to Maxwell a couple of years later and shot footage of the vast acres of farmland that surrounded Donna and became a focal point for much of her art. The spoken word piece that you hear was a part of the exhibit.

Safe Housing for All

A promotional campaign for DASH – The District Alliance for Safe Housing. Shows the programs and services offered to survivors of domestic violence.
For more information, please visit DASH at www.dashdc.org

Innocence Shattered

Innocence Shattered … “the devastating effects of educator sexual misconduct
The Jerry Sandusky case has created a ripple effect in the amount of child sexual abuse cases being reporting, some agencies citing as much as a 50% increase.

In this 25 minute documentary, Amy Hestir and Mark McKenna, two survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by their childhood coaches, come forward to talk about their own personal journey from being a victim, paralyzed by the cruel effects of sexual abuse, to becoming a survivor, living fully by letting go of the shame.
Watch a short clip from the film.