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Coming Back To The Hoop

Just Released – Coming Back To The Hoop … You’re never too old to take your best shot …

43 years ago, Jane Pittman, a promising basketball star at her small town high school, ran off the court during a holiday tournament game never to return … until now. When Jane stumbles across the NOVA United Senior Women’s Basketball Association, old passions are reignited. Vowing to get into the best shape of her life, she is determined to play competitive ball again. What she never expected to find on that journey was a passionate group of senior adults who had decided to “wear out, before we rust out”. Choosing basketball over Canasta and Bingo, these women come together for much more than sports. “Coming Back To The Hoop” is a film about the transformative power of basketball and the healing it brings when you connect with something larger than yourself and then give yourself over to the team.



Coming Back To The Hoop

Coming Back To The Hoop … It’s Never Too Late To Take Your Best Shot … a feature documentary about the power of basketball in the lives of senior women. www.comingbacktothehoop.com


OAR ( Offender Aid and Restoration )

OAR ( Offender Aid and Restoration ) the leading provider of offender services in northern Virginia. OAR is dedicated to strengthening community through second chances.