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Safe Housing for All

A promotional campaign for DASH – The District Alliance for Safe Housing. Shows the programs and services offered to survivors of domestic violence.
For more information, please visit DASH at www.dashdc.org

Innocence Shattered

Innocence Shattered … “the devastating effects of educator sexual misconduct
The Jerry Sandusky case has created a ripple effect in the amount of child sexual abuse cases being reporting, some agencies citing as much as a 50% increase.

In this 25 minute documentary, Amy Hestir and Mark McKenna, two survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by their childhood coaches, come forward to talk about their own personal journey from being a victim, paralyzed by the cruel effects of sexual abuse, to becoming a survivor, living fully by letting go of the shame.
Watch a short clip from the film.

Do the right thing… a community based effort to prevent cyber abuse

A short educational film produced for You Have The Power, Know How To Use It, Inc. on the dangers of cyberbullying and sexting.  You Have The Power … Know How To Use It, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness about crime and justice issues. For more information, please visit www.yhtp.org

A Second Chance

A promotional video to save the Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington DC.

Use Your Strength

Use Your Strength is an educational and training video for MEN CAN STOP RAPE, a nationally recognized leader mobilizing young men to prevent men’s violence against women. This is the trailer for the 30 minute program.
To order, contact Intermedia at www.intermedia-inc.com.  For more information about prevention programs for young men, please visit www.mencanstoprape.org.  Distributed by Intermedia Inc.