Educational / Training

OAR 2017 and 2016

OAR ( Offender Aid and Restoration )  – the leading provider of offender services in northern Virginia. OAR is dedicated to strengthening community through second chances.

SAFE HOUSING FOR ALL – a promotional campaign for DASH – The District Alliance for Safe Housing. Shows the programs and services offered to survivors of domestic violence. For more information, please visit DASH at

… “the devastating effects of educator sexual misconduct
The Jerry Sandusky case has created a ripple effect in the amount of child sexual abuse cases being reporting, some agencies citing as much as a 50% increase.

USE YOUR STRENGTH – an educational and training video for MEN CAN STOP RAPE, a nationally recognized leader mobilizing young men to prevent men’s violence against women. For more information, please visit

DO THE RIGHT THING – a community based approach to prevent technology abuse. You Have The Power … Know How To Use It, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness about crime and justice issues. For more information, please visit

IN HER OWN WORDS – This is a chapter from “There’s No Place Like Home”, a film about the effects of domestic violence on children and families. For more information and ordering, please contact You Have The Power, Know How To Use It, Inc. at

A SECOND CHANCE – a call to save the TimeDollar Youth Court in WashingtonDC. Youth Court provides alternative sentencing to first time juvenile offenders and serves as a diversion program for non-violent offenders.