Documentary Features:

A feature documentary about the power of basketball in the lives of senior women.

What does it take to make the transition from prison back to society? This trailer for PittSure Co.’s new feature documentary In Your Hands, shows how the safety and success of the society we live in is invariably linked to the well being of every one of its citizens. If they fail, we all pay, in human cost as much as in hard dollars and cents.

Catholics have the Vatican. Protestants have Nashville, Tennessee. In Prophets Rising, we take a holy roller-coaster ride into the supernatural world where modern-day prophets fish for souls in the name of the Lord.

THE TENNESSEE RESIDENCE … memories of the past, visions for the future
Commissioned by the Office of the First Lady and the Tennessee Arts Commission. This one-hour oral history of the executive residence and the governors who lived there is an integral educational tool in the history classes of Tennessee’s middle and high schools.

Music Videos

The powerful song written by Loree Gold and music video edited by Jane Pittman, using performance footage and video shot at the Women’s March on Washington, January 2017.


CIS works within public school systems, establishing relationships with Superintendents, Principals, Educators and Community Partners to address both individual students as well as school-wide needs. Combining the art of one-on-one relationships with the science of proven, evidence-based programs, CIS mobilizes community resources and proven programs to achieve results and remove barriers that keep students from succeeding in school and life.

Based on an exhibit by Donna Tauscher by the same name, this spoken word piece shows how the artist saw the passing of time at one point in her life.

Donna Tauscher was living in a trailer on a her family’s farm and taking care of her elderly father who was stricken with Parkinson’s disease when she was invited to showcase her work at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. The result was a view of her surroundings from all horizons.

A romp into the 30 inches of snow that hit my Del Ray neighborhood in 2009

Educational + Training Video

OAR 2017 and OAR 2016

OAR ( Offender Aid and Restoration )  – the leading provider of offender services in northern Virginia. OAR is dedicated to strengthening community through second chances.

SAFE HOUSING FOR ALL – a promotional campaign for DASH – The District Alliance for Safe Housing. Shows the programs and services offered to survivors of domestic violence. For more information, please visit DASH at

… “the devastating effects of educator sexual misconduct
The Jerry Sandusky case has created a ripple effect in the amount of child sexual abuse cases being reporting, some agencies citing as much as a 50% increase.

USE YOUR STRENGTH – an educational and training video for MEN CAN STOP RAPE, a nationally recognized leader mobilizing young men to prevent men’s violence against women. For more information, please visit

DO THE RIGHT THING – a community based approach to prevent technology abuse. You Have The Power … Know How To Use It, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness about crime and justice issues. For more information, please visit

IN HER OWN WORDS – This is a chapter from “There’s No Place Like Home”, a film about the effects of domestic violence on children and families. For more information and ordering, please contact You Have The Power, Know How To Use It, Inc. at

A SECOND CHANCE – a call to save the TimeDollar Youth Court in WashingtonDC. Youth Court provides alternative sentencing to first time juvenile offenders and serves as a diversion program for non-violent offenders.